on this site we are happy to tell you completely independent about Silica Cat Litters.
Independent means that we want to tell our findings without influence of producers and try to give an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of using Silica Cat Litters and the different types.

But let's start with perhaps the most important part, which is silica or also silicon dioxide.
The most famous form is probably this small bags that we have all encountered. Intended as a desiccant in porous pouches included with electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, but of course there are many more applications.

An important application of silicon dioxide lies in the production of glass. Silicon dioxide can also be made suitable for solar panels. The heat-resistant ceramic tiles on the bottom of the space shuttles also mainly consist of this material.

But probably the best application is the use as a cat litter.

We all know the smell of cat urine.

 There are many products on the market to get the unpleasant odor out of the house. Unfortunately, they do not keep their promises.
With silica cat litter you tackle the problem at the source.

As soon as the cat's urine comes into contact with the silica, the liquid and odor are absorbed.

Odor is trapped in the silica as the liquid evaporates.

Stir the Silica daily and remove feces with a scoop. In this way, the Silica can be used on average for 30 days for a normal cat.
Silica cat litter is a natural product without chemical or other additives.
Used Silica can therefore be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Production of silica

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